| La Mano  Part 4 |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

"Relax and remember to smile, Elena." Arillion let her given name circulate through his mind.
"Smile?" She looked up at him as if he asked her to jump off the Eiffel Tower.

"Yes, a gesture often involving pulling the corner of one's lips up to signify contentment."

The beautiful woman hissed at him. "Smiling is a sign of weakness."

"Or of cunning, mischief, mystery, charm, elegance, graciousness, standard things one must be when on a fact finding mission."

"This is ridiculous. Why don't we just snatch Giovanni and peal every inch of skin off his body until he gives Faust up."

Arillion admired her gumption. "Because Giovanni Bianchi isn't some low level scourge that you scrape from the bottom of your shoe and you know it. Besides, if it were that easy, you wouldn't have the honor of my company. Now turn around." Arillion smiled at her glare.

Elena looked gorgeous that evening in an elegant flowing cream-beige dress with an embroidered design around the bust. Her dark curls were arranged in an elegant design on top of her head. Her long tanned neck was exposed by the low neckline of the dress leaving a trail of luscious golden skin between her round breasts before it terminated.

Once Elena turned around, Arillion clasped a beautiful diamond necklace around the slender column of her neck. No matter how hard he tried, he enjoyed being so close to her. He could smell her coconut body wash and soft perfume reminding him of the beach, the warm ocean breeze, the water splashing on the sand covered shore.

"I don't want you to mistake any of this.” Elena said as if she was reading his mind.  “It's a mission and once it's done and you are paid what you're owed you will go your way and I will go mine."

Arillion was well aware of the transaction. Being who he was there wasn't any room for anything outside of their terms and he was sure she felt the same way. It never bothered him the comings and goings of people in and out of his life. In fact, he rather liked the non committal nature of his relations with everyone accept his younger sister, Satar. This was no different than any of those other times. La Mano De Diablo may be a force but she was at the core just a woman. "No need to explain. I'm well aware of the terms of our agreement."

She nodded her head and turned to face Arillion. She held her arms out and turned around in a circle for him. "Are we ready?"

The corner of Arillion's mouth pulled up. "I'd say we are." He handed her a gold clutch that matched her shoes and they walked out the hotel room.


Arillion straightened his jacket before offering his arm to Elena. She looked up at her handsome partner his dark hair slicked back accentuating his piercing grey eyes, strong jaw, and fair skin. He was rather handsome she had to admit. The moment she saw him in her office, she already knew what she wanted with him and cutting off any of his perfect limbs was not it.

Elena could honestly say, until Arillion there wasn't any man that distracted her. He smelled especially good that evening and looked the part of some wealthy foreigner striding into Giovanni's party like he was the host. Elena was willing to bet be looked better than the host.

Arillion glanced down at her amusement making his eyes glisten. "Are you going to take my arm or leave me standing here like a baboon."

Elena smirked placing her hand on his forearm like he showed her earlier. This was not her cup of tea or shot of brandy. Diplomacy bored her which was why she hired Arillion. As much as Elena loved brute force, there was something that she admired about Giovanni's operations. He was just as dirty and ruthless as she was, but he was a criminal in plain sight. Elena couldn't wait to meet the man behind the name.

Some overly dressed butler took Elena's wrap and Arillion's over coat at the door. Elena wasn't used to the cold fall weather. She felt like a fish out of water with all these high to do prestigious people floating around with their cocktail dresses, shiny tight buns, and crystal champagne glasses. Everyone was looking at her, the odd ball, the Latin girl in the sea of bright pale skin and light hair.

Elena took a deep breath. She was here for one purpose and that was to expand her empire. Arillion was less than enthusiastic when she demanded he take her with him. This was too big a task to entrust a man, even a handsome, cunning, clever man like Arillion.
Once Faust was successfully in her possession, she would be the Queen of the underworld. She’d make a copy of the file, and publically sell it to the United States government paying a debt back to Anabella Gauge. Elena’s mind drifted to a terrible memory buried deep in her past. She shook the thought. Anabella saved Elena from a fate far worse than death and for that she owned the woman and would soon pay that debt. Elena knew there was nothing that could ever pay Anabella for what she did.
Elena brought her focus to the prize, the leverage and intelligence that Faust would provide was priceless.  She would have everyone that sneered and laughed at her under her stiletto. She couldn't wait to apply pressure once they were there. She smiled at the thought.  

They walked into a beautiful foyer with black marble floors, stark white walls peppered with hung metal artwork and simple paintings. The staircase curved up to the floor above traced by the elegant iron work of the intricate stair railing. A large metal and crystal chandelier hovered overhead accentuating the sheer size of the space.

They followed some people to a great ball room  that made the foyer look like a closet. Arillion took Elena around to different groups and introduced her using some pseudonym and chatted about this and that. All the while Elena was growing impatient until a devilishly handsome man with the darkest short cropped hair came into her view. She didn't need an introduction to know he was Giovanni Bianchi.
She wasn't sure it was possible for any man to exude power, authority, and control like this man did. Elena shivered as the stories about Giovanni Bianchi pulled from her memory. He made her look like a girl scout. There always seemed to be a lot of blood. His victims begged for death, welcomed it. When she first heard the stories she waved them off as people often over exaggerated the truth. Seeing him, however, made her believe every single gruesome thing about him.  She was, for the first time in a very long time, terrified of a man. Yet even so, she admired him.

Giovanni started heading her direction when he caught her gaze.

"Did you want them?"

Elena frowned bringing her attention to Arillion who was glancing down at her his eyes guarded. "What are you talking about?"

"Your panties. You dropped them the moment you saw our host."

Elena glared up at him a traffic jam of words collecting on the tip of her tongue. Before she could get the words out, a handsome male voice wrapped around her body from her ears down to her tingling feet.

"You must be visiting from a world far away." Giovanni's deep voice laced with that Italian accent made Elena's mind freeze. She brought her eyes to him. He had an assessing look on his face but his hazel eyes gave nothing away as to what was going on in that head of his.

"We're here-"

"I wasn't talking to you." Giovanni dismissed Arillion without taking his steady gaze from Elena.

"You could say that." Elena smiled with the corner of her mouth. For some reason she felt like she was doing the predator's dance with Giovanni. Like they were two fierce creatures that happened upon the same clearing.

The formidable man smirked. "Please forgive me." Giovanni took Elena's hand in his and placed a soft kiss on her knuckles." Eyeing her with those eyes from under his endless dark lashes.

There were very few moments that Elena felt feminine and couldn't deny it. That moment, locked in Giovanni Bianchi’s assessing gaze was one of them. During negotiations in her office with Arillion was another one. Elena looked behind her and noted Arillion's absence. She recalled his comment about her under garments. There wasn't any way that he would have left her because he was pouting somewhere could he? "I was hoping that wasn't your warm welcome." Elena said distracted by her search for her companion.

Giovanni smiled this time revealing a set of gleaming straight white teeth. Elena could see in that moment how people could misconstrue this man as charming, as approachable, and anything but what he was: a vicious predator. He tucked her hand in the crook of his arm and starting walking her to the dance floor. "Forgive me. I just get nervous when I see a beautiful woman I don't recognize."

There were many ways she could take that, flattery was not one of them. A man in his position had every right to be nervous. She took back her initial reaction to him as some pretty boy with a silver spoon. Arillion was right, this man was a force. A deadly viper once given the cue would strike anything down if he had to. Giovanni pulled Elena into a slow dance on the dance floor holding her closer than appropriate to whisper in her ear. "I take an interest in all my guests to make sure they have only the most memorable experience."

Elena found his eyes and held them. She knew a threat when she heard one even if it was laced with soft words and a breathtaking smile. "Well," Elena rubbed the hand that was on his shoulder down his chest tapping into every feminine bone she had in her body. "From what I've heard about you it'd be quite impossible to have anything but the best." Elena leaned into him. "The best of everything." She accentuated her accent.

Giovanni caught her eyes again his eyes dancing with mischief. Just then a handsome slender man in a tux placed a hand on Giovanni's shoulder and whispered something in his ear. Giovanni nodded and the man walked off his calm and grace catching Elena's attention. Giovanni pulled away from Elena placing a kiss on her knuckles. "There is always something to pull me away when I was just beginning to enjoy myself."

Elena bowed her head. "You are the host and duty calls."

With that he left her and for the first time in who knew how long Elena took a deep breath. There suddenly seemed to be air swirling around her now and she took full advantage of it. Just then, she saw Arillion on the other side of the ball room smiling at some blond woman her hair pulled up in a high, fashionable bun. He kissed her hand and walked off around a corner where Elena lost him. Of course the infamous Arillion wasn't sulking somewhere. She headed in the direction that he disappeared away from the party. She turned down a well decorated hall way with black and white paintings lining the long path.

Elena squealed when she was snatched around the corner a hand over her mouth. Her assailant blocked her foot from landing in his groin. Turned her around so her back was against the wall and she saw it was Arillion.

"Calm down it's me." He whispered.

"What the hell are you doing she whispered loudly."

"My job."

"Why did you leave me?"

"Because I needed this." He held up a small strange shaped key."

"The blonde woman?"

Arillion smiled. "Were you keeping tabs on me?"

"Of course. I have a lot on the line here."

"Uh huh." His eyes sparkled with mischief. He ducked his head around the corner when they head a voice over a radio. Arillion grabbed Elena's leg running his hand up her thigh, cupped her bottom, and leaned his face close to hers just as a chubby man dressed in a suit and tie rounded the corner.

"You're not supposed to be here. Return to the party."

Arillion looked over at the man. "Oh please give me five minutes."

She frowned at him trying to free herself but he held her fast.

The man smiled.

"I mean do you see her?” Arillion continued pressing his forehead to Elena's running a hand down her throat and over her breast. She groaned arching into him something she did not tell her body to do. “I've been trying to get her here all night."

The man laughed. "Take ten minutes." He pulled the walky-talky from his shirt. "South hall vacant and secure." He brought his attention back to Arillion and Elena. "Be quick, but not too quick."

When the man was far enough down the hall Arillion released Elena. She straightened herself out trying to get herself righted. Being so close to the man did something to the blood in her veins.

They made their way down the hall to a door that Arillion unlocked with the key and they snuck in closing the door behind them. He hopped on the computer behind a large metal desk and started typing away. "Bingo. Access. Now where would you be?"

"What are you doing?"

"My job."

"Let me help."

Arillion looked back at Elena. "I never pegged you for a team player."

She smirked down at him standing behind the office chair he was sitting in. "When there's something I want you'll be surprised how cooperative I can be."

“Mhm, why don't you go be cooperative with Giovanni Bianchi? You two seemed to be getting on well. You already have so much in common. Crime, death, dismemberment…”

Elena turned his chair around and set her foot on the edge of the chair the front of her shoe on Arillion's groin. “Don’t talk to me like that.”

Arillion's eyebrows pulled together while the corner of his mouth raised a bit. She wasn't sure how her could look angry and echo humor. “Or what? You going to castrate me? That would make for a very boring weekend for you.”

Elena applied pressure with her shoe. “I think all this fancy hair and pretty lip color made you forget who I was. Anger was filling her heaving chest, heat rushing to her face but not for the usual reasons. Elena brought her attention to Arillion's hands that were sliding up her leg. He placed a kiss to the exposed flesh just below her knee . Elena's stomach started twisting around itself. She applied more pressure to his groin detesting these foreign feelings that made her feel out of control. Arillion grimaced his heavy eyes meeting hers.

“If you think I've forgotten for a moment who you are you're sorely mistaken.” He kissed her calf then her knee, ran his hands up her thigh, sliding his hand underneath the fabric of her dress. She should stop him. She should… Elena groaned when his bold fingers grazed her sex through the thin fabric of her lace panties.

Arillion pulled his lips from her skin, cleared his throat,  his eyebrows pulled tight together. "I'm looking at his confidential files to see where he is hiding Faust. It's going to be hidden probably under another name." He turned around with no resistance from Elena mostly because she was trying to regain her mind. Arillion cleared his throat again. "They hide it under some alias that only they know..."

"There." Elena pointed to a folder.

"Toothed Bay."

Arillion clicked on it and there it was blue prints to the location of her prize. He stuck his flash drive in and copied what he needed then they tiptoed to the door. He backed her into the room after peaking out into the hallway. "Take your dress off." He started removed his tie and opened his dress shirt revealing a breathtaking chest and abs.


He stalked toward her, unzipped her dress letting it pool on the floor at her feet. She slapped him and instinctively covered her nudity with her other arm. He picked her up and placed her on the back of the black, modern, leather couch and pressed his lips to hers just as the door came open. It was the same guard.

"How'd you get in her?"

Arillion pulled away from Elena. "Went into the first open door." He nibbled her bottom lip.

"Out in the hall and hurry it up."

Arillion picked Elena up snagged her dress and took them in the hall where he pinned her to the wall and kept working her lips with his. The guard was shaking his head walking away speaking into his radio.

She pushed away from him when the man was out of sight. "You need to stop doing that."

"Doing what?" Arillion’s gaze took her naked body in biting his bottom lip.

"I can't do this." Elena  could feel the heat rising to her face. She averted her eyes wishing he would hand her the dress.

"Well we've got an entire weekend. A long weekend." He smiled closing the space between them. His nearness made her skin tingle, long for him to touch her. Her lips parted as her eyes settled on his mouth.

The truth was Arillion made her insides burst into small pieces around her. His touch, his gaze lit her on fire. She couldn't stand it. She couldn't afford it. Not being who she was.

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