| La Mano  Part 7 |

Unedited Draft: WARNING: Intended for Mature audience

Arillion came to consciousness when he felt cold metal pressed against his throat. He opened one lazy eye then the other meeting frazzled dark eyes and furrowed eyebrows.

"Elena." He said her name with caution, careful not to make any sudden moves. "What are you doing?" He asked it slow almost like he was talking to a young child. She was straddling him her nudity settled on his sex conjuring up details of their passionate encounter only a few hours before. His penis had no consideration for the danger he was in as it started to rise.

"I like you." She said through tight lips.

Arillion's eyebrows drew together trying desperately to set rational thought aside. One thing he caught onto was, Elena wasn't always logical. In fact, she was often driven by her emotions, intuition, third eye. Arillion smiled. "I'm afraid of what you would do to someone you don't like." Making light of things often got him out of tight situations. He was hoping this was one of those times.

Elena pressed the knife harder against his flesh. "I'd kill them."

Arillion should have been scared for his life and the rational part of him was. If he'd known she’d lose her mind... he couldn't say he didn't already know she was crazy. Perhaps if he would have known she'd become homicidal he would have reconsidered. What good was one-hundred million dollars if he wasn't going to be around to spend it? But miss this time with his erratic employer? Rational or not he couldn’t justify doing that. "And you're not going to kill me."

Elena glared. "What makes you so sure?"

"Because that would violate our agreement. You offered me protection. Killing me would most certainly violate that part of our agreement." Arillion was trying to play towards her logical side. It was the only side that was willing to listen if he could just get her to tap into it.

Elena seemed to be thinking about what he said before removing the knife and placing it on the table next to the bed. "Perhaps." Elena moaned rolling her hips finding Arillion's desire. "I can't have any weaknesses."

Arillion set up clasping the small of Elena's back keeping her close to him and away from the weapon on the side table. She felt so good. Her thighs around him; her warm pussy on his ready cock. Arillion burrowed his face in her neck whispering all the things he planned to do to her. Elena slid her pussy lips along the length of his penis her head fell back the tips of her long tresses brushing his thighs sending chills up his spine, through his arms, all the blood finding home in his lower extremity.

"God Elena you are driving me crazy. I need to be inside you."

Elena met his gaze her eyelids low with desire a smile pulling the corners of her pretty full lips. She stopped grinding on him, wrapped her arms around his neck, pushed up on her knees and pressed her lips to his slowly massaging his lips with hers. Arillion positioned the head of his cock at her tight opening waiting for her to sit on him, take him into the depths of her wet sex. She hovered there for an extended period of time tasting his mouth, tracing his jawline with her tongue, trailing kisses down his neck along his collarbone slowly she started sinking on his ready member. She moaned her breath catching as he filled her ever so slowly. Once she was settled on his cock, she started rocking her hips the sensation was making the ever growing lava push closer to the surface. Arillion moved them to the edge of the bed planting his feet on the wood floors as a support to thrust inside of her. Oh dear god he was getting closer to that place. Everything working against him, the warm Caribbean breeze, this woman, her long dark hair brushing his thighs, those lush breast, hips grinding on him up and down his length, tight sweet pussy wrapped around his cock.

Arillion grit his teeth as his orgasm took his mind to a place of haze and bliss.


Elena leaned on the concrete banister overlooking the infinity pool and the Caribbean Ocean. This was by far her favorite home. She loved escaping here to clear her head even if only for a day or two. She never brought anyone here. No one until now. There were a lot of places that she could have had her weekend with Arillion, but it just felt right being here. Elena took a deep breath tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear and leaned on the textured concrete top of the barrier.

Arillion was something dangerous, something new, something she never felt before. It went beyond the fact that he was her one and only. Sure she'd been curious, but it was far too intimate for her to ever let someone else penetrate her. Honestly, she was sure she would die a virgin never knowing that pain, that inevitable submission as you allow someone else to breach your body like a knife that entered you cut you open with the sensations, the feelings, the heat. There was something that Elena had yet to do to Arillion. She desperately wanted to taste him. She shivered even though the breeze was warm in the increasing dawn.

Elena licked her lips a vision of Arillion laid out before her, an offering to the pagan goddess of flame, heat and desire. Those eyes looking down at her, him biting his bottom lip as she made her way toward him crawling on all fours. Taking his weight and girth in her hands stroking the length…

"Should I be worried?"

Elena started standing up right, glaring over her shoulder at Arillion who was leaning on the archway that delineated interior and exterior of her island home. He had a towel wrapped around his waist, hair wet, beads of water still clung to his skin. "Worried about what?" Elena turned her attention back out toward the water ignoring the swirling heat in her belly. She'd lost some of her edge, her viver, some of that grit that made her La Mano that earned her the title. She had to get away from Arillion. He was a bad influence on her. If she ever showed a sign of weakness, her entire operation would fall apart. That was the price she paid for being a woman in power. Power over the underworld. Sharks and rats that could smell blood waiting, lurking for a drop of life to quench their ravenous hunger. They would cut her open and rip out her heart.

Faust was an important power play and she owed a thanks to her handsome thief. Faust was key, was crucial. Whether she actually did anything with the information or not wasn't important. It was a show of power. A rouse in this game to prove her superiority.

Elena closed her eyes when Arillion's strong, lean arms circled around her. She leaned her head back on his chest.

"Worried that you will slit my throat in my sleep." Arillion nuzzled Elena's neck eliciting a giggle from her.

Elena pulled away from his scruffy handsome face. "Stop it you're turning me into a girl or something."

"No love, I made you into a woman."

Elena looked over her shoulder at him determined now more than ever to taste the wicked man. Elena traced the outline of his jaw and gazed into those glittery grey eyes. Elena's eyes fell to his lips his cupid's bow giving them a sensual shape. They were somewhere between thin and full, well formed.

"You know, under all the fire and brimstone, torture and blood I'm just a woman."

Arillion smirked still holding her to him. "Not just a woman." Arillion turned Elena to face him still keeping her in his arms. He tucked a loose hair behind her ear gazing down at her like... like she was something...someone special. She should walk away now. She should distance herself far away from this man he was dangerous. Instead of listening to her ever changing and confused emotions she stayed in his arms. She had another day with Arillion. If she didn't lose the remainder of her insanity in the next twenty-four hours she'd be fine. "The strongest, most beautiful woman I've ever known."

If the words were coming from anyone else she would have broken their knee caps and forced them to pick up their teeth from the ground with handless arms. However, coming from this man felt, right. Him seeing her that way made her feel...contentment. For the next twenty-four hours she wasn't La Mano De Diablo. She wasn't the most powerful woman in the criminal world, or a brutal merciless fiend that enjoyed bringing extreme amounts of pain to people that dared cross her. She was simply Elena Moreno.
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